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Why SafetySock?

Aware that a leading cause of injuries and death in roadside crashes is poor visibility of stranded cars alongside the road?

Car/SUV breakdowns? Emergency situations? Add a SafetySock to your glove box for safe visibility without going to your trunk for a car safety kit.

Want your family protected with the most innovative roadside safety product on the market today?


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  • I work for an insurance company who conducts road safety training and the SafetySock is great for fleet vehicles, can be integrated into road safety programs , and can be used by everyday drivers.

    - Albert Muniz, Poms & Associates

  • As a retired EMT, the SafetySock is a great way to increase the visibility of disabled vehicles so that an accident doesn't become a car pile up.

    - Kirsty M.

  • My husband works on the road side daily and is always saying how his crew is nearly hit. This is a great way to increase his safety by being seen by passing cars and trucks.

    - K.V

  • I own a small plumbing company in Southern California. The SafetySock is a great tool to be used when our truck are on the roadside doing a house call, plus I added my company logo, so it's great advertising while being safe.

    - Derek S.

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