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Globosocks, LLC, is the home of the patented SafetySock® and is committed to identifying strategies, user targets, and ordinary drivers to assist us in making innovative strategic decisions for integrating our current products with existing and cutting-edge technologies and to provide our clients an advantage in light of the changing safety culture in transportation. We manufacture the SafetySock® and offer custom road safety solutions, including safety program training and integration strategies across fleet management systems for ordinary drivers, work zone and roadside safety, and the semi trucking industry.

Globosocks, LLC focuses on cost savings strategies for safety solutions by staying on top of research, trends, policies, and the latest technology to position the company to become a leader in the road safety industry while remaining in communication with our manufactures, distributors, and end-users.

Our Story

As drivers, how many times have we seen a parked car on the roadside? How about a utility vehicle or two in a work zone on a road that may even close a driving lane? A semi-truck parked along the side of a highway that is even busy at night? Or a first responder attempting to clean up the road after a crash?

Chances are, we all have experienced every one of these instances. So, safety on the roads should always be on our minds when driving.

Globosocks LLC realizes that we must pay more attention to vehicles along the roadside and in work zones. There have been many measures put into place to keep people safe. Vehicle standards have improved through the years and visual disruptors have been developed, including cones, barriers, flares, and reflective triangles. Despite these efforts, this staggering statistic persisted: over two people a day die from crashes in work zones alone. More--not less--effort was needed.

This is why Globosocks LLC invented and patented an easy to use piece of safety equipment called the SafetySock®. The SafetySock® was designed to be used on your vehicle’s outside mirrors and to be easy to use by simply rolling your window and placing the SafetySock® over your vehicle’s outside mirror. With this additional visual disruptor, you and your vehicle become more visible to passing traffic.

The SafetySock® is an innovative piece of safety equipment for ordinary drivers, workers in work zones, semi-truck drivers when parking on the roadside for mandatory rest periods, and for first responders dealing with crashes and emergencies on our roads.

Because it is easy to use, easy to store inside your vehicle, and easy to be seen, quickly has it become a commonly used piece of safety equipment in the road safety industry.

  • Gregory A. Webb, President/COO

    Mr. Gregory “Greg” Webb


    Greg Webb is Co-founder and co-owner of Globosocks, LLC, and possesses a variety of public-private professional experience. Greg’s career has provided him with an opportunity to serve the public at all levels of government, including administrative roles in school districts, city, county, and state governments. Greg has recently been elected as the New Mexico Chapter President of the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) board of directors which represents the road safety, traffic safety, and highway safety industry. He holds degrees from the University of New Mexico (BA and MPA).

  • Dr. Bradford Lyau, President/CEO

    Dr. Bradford Lyau


    Dr. Bradford Lyau is Co-Founder, co-owner of Globosocks, LLC, and has been in business for over twenty-five years. He has worked in Silicon Valley, involved with high-tech start-ups, as well as with the Department of Energy, dealing with technology transfer at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico. He is an active member of the California Chapter of the American Traffic Safety Services of Association (ATSSA) and the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). Prior to being in business, he taught at colleges and universities in California and Europe. He holds degrees from UC Berkeley (BA), the University of New Mexico (MBA), and the University of Chicago (MA and Ph.D.).

  • Mr. Patricio Delgado, National Director of Sales

    Mr. Patricio Delgado

    National Director of Sales

    Patricio Delgado is the National Director of Sales for SafetySock® and obtained an AA degree from the New Mexico Military Institute and a BBA degree from the Anderson Schools of Management at the University of New Mexico. Patricio has gained a variety of professional experience through years of management and sales positions. Patricio comes to SafetySock® after
    working as Western Regional Sales Manager for Spirotherm Inc.and also as Manufacturer’s Representative with Aspen Marketing Inc. With the managerial, technical, and sales experience garnered from those positions, Patricio is ready to help move SafetySock's sales platform to the next level.

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