Work Zone SafetySock

Do you or your staff work in work zones?  Want added safety on the roadside?  The SafetySock has been created to increase the circle of safety around parked vehicles through a visual disruption.



Too many crashes occur that involve vehicles which are stationary due to being part of work zones or because of vehicle malfunction (flat tire, overheated radiator, etc.).  Sometimes commercial truck drivers pull over due to mandatory rest requirements and there is no truck parking area nearby.

Many sophisticated, high-tech and expensive solutions have been developed to provide additional and better visual disruptors for roadside vehicles.  Yet the statistics prove that crashes, injuries, and fatalities persist at alarming rates.  More, not less, is needed to address this problem.

Maybe a simpler, more accessible, and more affordable piece of safety equipment could be used—especially since you noted that simple habits can go a long way in reducing fatalities and injuries.  So, my company took the material elements of the average ANSI Class II safety vest and the visibility elements of safety cones and produced a patented piece of safety equipment whose elements are quite recognizable.  

This new piece of vehicle safety equipment is called the SafetySock®, which adds an additional level of visual disruption.  The SafetySock® is low-tech, easy-to-use, and affordable.

For regular sedans and SUVs, the vehicle driver just needs to roll down the window to reach out and attach the SafetySock® to the vehicle’s side mirror.  It is now recommended that drivers and passengers remain inside their stationary roadside vehicles and call for roadside assistance.  The SafetySock® addresses this recommendation.

For larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks, the vehicle operator can stay close to the vehicle while deploying the SafetySock®.  

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has reviewed the SafetySock® according to its regulations and has confirmed that the SafetySock® can be used as a piece of vehicle safety equipment by commercial vehicles. The SafetySock® can be integrated into existing safety programs and added to existing safety protocols.

The SafetySock® can be integrated into existing safety programs and added to existing safety protocols.